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Collect ALL the Gems ๐Ÿ’ #

Users can collect 250 GEMS for their first interaction with the Float protocol every 24 hours.

Gems can be collected through the following user actions:

  • minting long or short positions on a market
  • redeeming long or short tokens
  • shifting positions on magic internet tokens

Gems are available to users on both Polygon and Avalanche!

Gem levels โœจ#

Collect gems to ascend to the next level! Each Gem level comes with a unique discord role. Gain a higher role for early access to special content in private gem-holder channels on discord! Each role also provides users with access to special NFTs for that specific role which they can mint directly in the application under the gems page!

Collect your gems and up your role to become the ultimate DeFi Wizard!

  • 250 Gems / 1 day streak = Ape role
  • 2,500 Gems / 10 day streak = Chad role
  • 10,000 Gems / 40 day streak = Seagen role
  • 25,000 gems / 100 day streak = Great Ape role
  • 62,500 gems / 250 day streak = Gigachad role
  • 100,000 gems / 400 day streak = DeFi Wizard role

Gem collectors also have access to a special community call every two weeks with the Float team!

Users can maintain their Gem collecting streak by interacting with the system every 24 hours! If 48 hours have passed since the last action the streak will be lost!