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Collect ALL the Gems 💠#

Gems are how you flex your status in the Float community.

You can collect 250 gems when interacting with Float every 24 hours.

Claim your gems by:

  • Minting, shifting and redeeming long or short tokens.
  • Swapping between markets positions and leverage tiers positions.

Maintain your gem streak by claiming every 24 hours! If 48 hours pass you lose your streak. NGMI.

Gem levels ✨#

Collect gems to ascend to the next level.

Each gem level comes with unique privileges. Higher levels means access to private Discord channels, alpha leaks, NFT collectibles and other special privileges.

  • 250 Gems / 1 day = Apes role
  • 2,500 Gems / 10 days = Chads role
  • 10,000 Gems / 40 days = Degens role
  • 25,000 gems / 100 days = Great Apes role
  • 62,500 gems / 250 days = Gigachad role
  • 100,000 gems / 400 days = DeFi Wizard role

To claim your roles in our Discord head over to the Float guild and verify your wallet.

Note: This process will have to be done manually for each role.

Gem NFTs 🎨#

Once you’ve got your roles mint your gem collectibles here.