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ap morgan sailing club

The future of leverage is coming. It’s called Float Arctic. ❄️🚢

Leveraged tokens with no liquidations or debt positions. Shift to any position or leverage tier in one transaction.

It’s gonna be great, so to celebrate, we’re inviting you to join the A.P. Morgan Sailing Club.

Introducing the A.P. Morgan Sailing Club#

The A.P Morgan Sailing Club is an exclusive invite-only NFT collection of 6,900 unique, timeless A.P Morgans.

The collection is open to only the smartest, wealthiest, and most distinguished degens in DeFi. To own one is a marker of filthy status.

A.P. Morgans can be minted by greenlisted addresses only (greenlist means the same as whitelist btw).

Each address can mint only one Morgan. There will be no public mint or sale.

We might do a few giveaways. Not many though. You probably won’t be able to get one. Sorry fren. 💔

A.P. Morgan#

Who is A.P. Morgan?

He’s an absolutely degenerate monkey of some kind. He loves to party and he loves to DeFi. He is not allowed to give out financial advice of any kind.

He started out as the gem NFT you could mint after making your first trade in Float.

He belongs to the Float community, who voted to give him the totally cool name.

Since then he’s grown to become Float’s mascot. He dresses up for fun new launches, and now you get to dress him yourself.


The Sailing Club greenlist has been meticulously thought out by Float’s quant team.

There will be a max supply of 6,900 A.P. Morgans.

2,128 Morgans go to the addresses that interacted with the Float Alpha smart contracts during the first seven months that Float was live: 13 September 2021 to 9 April 2022.

844 Morgans will be given away to fren communities.

69 Morgans are reserved for the Float treasury. We’ll use these for meme value and fun stuff.

The remaining supply will be held in reserve for future use.

Multichain Morgans#

Through the power of LayerZero, the Sailing Club will be multichain. The chain you used Float on will determine where you’re eligible to mint:

  • Only used Float on Polygon? Mint on Polygon.
  • Only used Float on Avalanche? Mint on Avalanche.
  • Used Float on both? You'll be defaulted to the chain with the higher gem score.
  • Gem score the same on both chains? You will be defaulted to Avalanche.
  • If you joined the Sailing Club from a fren community, you might be able to mint on Ethereum Mainnet.

You can use LayerZero to port your Morgan to your new fav chain after you’ve minted your Morgan.


Each Morgan is made from seven layers of timeless pixel art.

Five of the seven layers are user selectable.

That’s right: for the first time you can build your own NFT PFP. No randomly generated Bored Apes that look like garbage. Make something you’re proud to have as a PFP.

Once you’ve built your Morgan, the two remaining layers – the fur and background – are randomly generated on-chain, using the power of Chainlink VRF.

Backgrounds and furs will have four rarity tiers:

  • Common - 50% chance
  • Uncommon - 30% chance
  • Rare - 15% chance
  • Legendary - 5% chance

At mint, the Sailing Club contracts will do a uniqueness test, to ensure that no other NFT can be minted with that same layer combination.

This guarantees that even though the layers are user selectable, your Morgan will still be completely unique.


A.P Morgans are minted in the A.P. Morgan Builder in the Float Dapp. This is where the magic happens.

Click through the selectable options to build a Morgan that’s as degenerate as you are, then watch as the randomised layers are assigned.

Maybe you’ll get a legendary.

morgan gif

At mint you’ll have to pay gas and a fee for using Chainlink VRF. That’s all.

There is no mint fee. We’re not doing this to make money. We’re doing this because you deserve to own a Morgan.

Wen mint#

Minting starts on the 7th of November, but distribution is phased, based on how much you used the Float Alpha, and how cool you are. Those are basically the same thing btw.

Since trading in Float gets you gems. More gems = mint sooner. The distribution phases are as follows:

  • 07/11/2022 3 PM UTC – Users with 25,000 gems or higher
  • 10/11/2022 3 PM UTC – Users with 10,000 gems or higher
  • 22/11/2022 3 PM UTC – Users with 2,500 gems or higher
  • 05/12/2022 3 PM UTC – Users with 250 gems or higher, plus everyone else

Additional distribution phase:

  • 08/12/2022 3 PM UTC – Arctic Gladiators for Arctic Games Round 1

These dates might be subject to change.


You can check whether you’re eligible to mint on this snapshot and on what chain. Addresses from partnerships and giveaways may only be added a day before the final distribution phase.


The collection will be underpinned by real, tangible, DeFi utility.

This utility includes:

  • Owning a totally sick picture of a monkey
  • The satisfaction of designing the monkey yourself (very nice)
  • Maybe getting a rare or legendary trait
  • Everyone who sees your Morgan PFP will know you’re really cool
  • Mysterious future benefits within the Float ecosystem


You can see every Morgan on the collection page in the Float Dapp and secondary marketplaces.

Never sell your Morgan.

Joining the Sailing Club#

Tl;dr you can’t, unless you are lucky enough to pick up a Morgan on a secondary market.

Or you can follow us on Twitter and Lens, and join our Discord. Maybe we’ll do some giveaways.


The assets for this collection were created by some incredible pixel artists: Piepzeru, Uselessnitch, and Ambivorous. Follow and support them. They’re amazing.


The A.P. Morgan Sailing Club Smart Contracts have been audited by Byterocket and are available here.

Terms and Conditions#

A.P. Morgan Sailing Club T&Cs

About Float#

Wen the Float team isn’t buidling NFT collections for meme value, we’re working on the future of finance.

Float is a novel protocol for minting leveraged tokens on chain, with no liquidations, no loans and no debt positions. Mint in one click.

Get live updates, new features, opportunities and shitposts on our Twitter.

Or, meet the team, claim your gem role, and hang out in our Discord.