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NOTE: These docs are under active development πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘·

Welcome to Float! πŸ‘‹

This is the official documentation for Float, a novel protocol allowing users to gain exposure to magic internet assets without over-collateralization. πŸ’‘

Check out our alpha launch for info on our early release!

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What is Float? πŸ€”#

In fancy terms, Float is a peer-to-peer, yield-enhanced, floating asset exposure mechanism.

Put simply, Float is an easy way for users to get magic internet assets. Users do not need to worry about over-collateralization, or suddenly getting liquidated.

Float is a novel protocol, facilitated entirely by code. πŸš€

Float Vision ✊#

The vision of Float is to provide decentralized and trustless exposure to various asset classes.

Smart contracts allow for trustworthy and efficient coordination of a financial system where the user’s exposure to various assets can be facilitated entirely by code.

Float is a financial paradigm where code is law.πŸ“–

Float allows users to easily gain magic internet asset exposure, without over-collateralization. Instead, Float uses a novel protocol (yes, it's not simply a fork of some existing protocol), allowing users to gain floating exposure to a magic internet asset, where economic mechanisms exist, incentivising exposure to the magic internet asset to remain within a certain band.

Learn more πŸ€“#

Community πŸ”₯#

Join our new and vibrant community to help steer the initial direction and development of Float πŸ’ƒ