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These docs are under active development and may change. Message us on Discord if something doesn’t make sense or seems out of date. 👷‍♀️👷

Float is a novel DeFi protocol where you can mint leveraged tokens tracking popular crypto assets in a single click.

Float allows you to trade leverage with no liquidations, no over-collateralisations and no margins.

Float Arctic latest iteration of the protocol and is currently undergoing user testing through the Arctic Games, a series of testnet trading competitions.

Float Alpha was the first iteration of the protocol which was live on mainnet for 15 months. If you had funds in Float Alpha, withdraw them here.

Put safety first. Before using the protocol – even the testnet deployments – read these docs to thoroughly understand the mechanisms and risks you could be exposed to.

The security and safety of our community is our highest priority. We perform comprehensive testing, risk assessments and external auditing on our applications and smart contract code before production deployments and upgrades.

That being said, Float should be considered alpha code that may contain errors and or other forms of bugs.

Using Float has signfificant risk. Be aware of these risks and conduct thorough research before using Float. Stay safe and do not use any funds that you are not prepared to lose.

All DeFi activity should be considered high risk. We want educate our users as much as possible, but you should not use Float unless you already have a detailed understanding of DeFi.

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