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Morgan Mode

NOTE: These docs are under active development pending final Arctic stuff ๐Ÿ‘ทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ท

When viewing a market in Float you can switch between Muggle and Morgan mode.

Muggles just want to make trades, and only need the minimum information.

Morgans want to see every last bit of data about a trade before they make it.

Muggle mode = Simple view
Morgan mode = Advanced view

Muggle Mode#

Muggle Mode Icon

Muggle mode abstracts the complexity out of Float and leaves you with the essential information. It contains the prices currently reflecting in the markets, the dropdown to select a token to mint with, the dropdown to select a token to get out of Float, and the action to be performed.

Depending on the tokens selected, the view will dynamically change between calling you to mint, shift, or redeem.

In addition the Muggle view contains the fee associated with the action to be performed, and the countdown to the execution of the current trade batch.

Muggle Mode Screenshot

Morgan Mode#

Morgan Mode Icon

Morgan Mode includes additional information for advanced users.

You can view a detailed price graph and see the distribution of liquidity between the long and short pools and the Float pool in that market.

Morgan Mode Screenshot

Hover over one of the pools in the liquidity distribution and you'll see detailed information about that pool. You'll see what percentage of that market's liquidity is contained in the pool, the current leverage, liquidity, and the funding rate owed by that pool to the Float pool every eight hours. The funding rate is based on the balance of liquidity between long and short pools in that market, and can change with the execution of each trade batch.

Morgan Modal Screenshot